34th Annual Sparta Cup

Congratulations Sparta Teams.. and Thank you's

Congratulations to Sparta's Sparta Cup 12 Champions and 8 Finalists ..

U9B - Sparta SP
U9Bs - Sparta SP
U11B - Sparta JC
U12B - Sparta JK
U13Bs - Sparta DF
U14B - Sparta DM
U14Bs - Sparta TH
U15B - Sparta JK
U16B - Sparta JK
U10Gs - Sparta South LS
U12G - Sparta TM
U14Gs - Sparta DR

U11Bs - Sparta JH
U12Bs - Sparta Canfield
U13B - Sparta SP
U13Bs - Sparta DKJ
U14B - Sparta South LS
U15Bs - Sparta MG
U16Bs - Sparta KS
U16G - Sparta DR

Outstanding play by all Sparta teams we are proud of you!

We would also like to thank the Directors of this years Sparta Cup.
Thank you Kim Henry, Ben Vandenhazel, and Brian Henry for all your hard work.
A special thank you to Heather Siddoway for your support during the tournament

Also a special thank you for all the teams that came to field marshal and help with clean up. Without your support the tournament would not have been the great success it was.