College Commitments for 2014

The following players have already committed to play college soccer in 2014.  Listed is the player name along with the school they will be attending. Check back often as there will be more to come.

Girls:                                                                     Boys:

Kennedee Tracy - Cal State Bakersfield                    Marshall Miller - UVU
Rachel Bingham - BYU                                            Diego Serna - UVU
Sydney Meyers - USC                                             Tanner Sands - New York
Breanna Ruckert - Westminster                               Tanner Hamblin - Westminster
Madie Lyons - BYU                                                  Ivan Lezama - Westminster
Stephanie Ringwood - BYU                                      Peter Martinez - USU Eastern
Shaylyn Orr - BYU                                                  Alexis Beiza - USU Eastern
Josette SVendsen - Westminster                             Kennedy Alder - Westminster
Bizzy Phillips - BYU
Tory Smith - UVU
Sydney Fitzpatrick - UVU
Alyssa Jefferson - BYU
Tamryn Braun - University of Utah